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This page updated 12 April, 2017

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Art experiences for children designed to stimulate their imagination and increase awareness of the inter-connectedness of things.

Level one


Basic program in ‘mark making’. Pencils and charcoal are used on different paper-based materials.

Children discover that some marks are better for some  things than others.

1 hour program

for approximately 10 children.

Suitable for any school- age child.

Level two


Do you see what I see?

A program for children to discover their differences, and that it’s not a matter of ‘good’, ‘better’, or ‘best’. This helps to develop confidence.

Pencils, charcoal, pastel sticks and stubbing tools are used on various paper-based materials

1 hour program

for no more than 8 children in a class.

Suitable for any school- age child.

Level three


“What do you think this is? “... is good.
“What do YOU think this is? “... is better.
“What in the world COULD this be ... is best.

Developing confidence in unique perception helps children to explore and ‘take a chance’ with their expression ... with a wider range of ‘mark-making’ tools and materials.

Pencils, charcoal, pastels, non-toxic washable paints on various paper-based and canvas materials 

1+ hour program for no more than 6 children in a class.
Suitable for older primary school to first year high school children.

Art classes for children have been discontinued until later in the year 2017.

You are welcome to contact Don if you would like to add your children to a list of later confirmation of a class date.