Zen Face

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Distinctive, stylised imagery

expressing the infinite variations of

what we know best…..rendered in the manner of the oriental masters of zen.

The face is many and varied.

Faces are a mirror to the world.         

Faces are emotions.

Faces are revealing.

These original artworks have been created in the tradition of Sumi-e, using the Buddhist concept of ‘in-en’.


‘In’ is the free will of making a decision. Things are then set in motion and ‘flow’ takes over. Other things will happen, uncontrolled. That is ‘en’. Not free will; not fate. Free will and fate.

As in art, so in life. If you lose the will to begin, you lose the will to live.


The goal is not simply to reproduce the appearance of the subject, but to capture its soul. To paint a horse, the ink wash painting artist must understand its temperament better than its muscles and bones. To paint a flower, it is essential to convey its liveliness and fragrance more than matching petals and colours.


The zen way of the brush: execution must be fluid, with no corrections. One’s mind must be cleared so the work flows freely and not through practice and effort. This is mushin: a ‘no-mind’ state.

Original handcrafted images                         

created with indelible ink on

300 gsm watercolour paper