Welcome to the world of art where everything is more difficult than it seems, takes longer than anticipated, and requires a generous amount of creative juice.

Paintings are not just a picture. They are a personal vision, unseen by any other, and which is created in the hope that the viewer will be enriched with a greater appreciation of the 'common place'.

This pretty well sums up the spirit behind the artworks in this site.

Hasten slowly then, through the galleries, and enjoy the variety of images...

'The Entrance'

910 x 550mm

  From the Botany Bay Series of Paintings

 Oil on stretched canvas. Studio work from photo reference and location sketches on the shores of Botany Bay at Kyeemagh, NSW Australia. 

The location has since been decimated by the construction of a desalination pipeline across the Bay from Kurnell.

      The pipeline project has now been completed, with ‘rejuvenation’ of the foreshore.

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